On-site Parking Options (see map below)

The main church parking lot (blue, approx. 35 spaces):

Can be accessed via main driveway on Chenango Street or via alley from Carroll Street, next to Goodyear Service Center.

Street parking on Chenango Street:

For special events such as funerals, we are allowed to “cap” the eight parking meters in front of the church to reserve them for our use.

State Street Parking Garage (gold, 590 spaces):

Located on State Street, the garage is operated by the city of Binghamton. A handicapped-accessible pedestrian walkway from Level 4 of the garage leads to Chenango Street, right across the street from our front doors.  This facility is always open for parking, though at some times there are parking fees. Parking is free all day on Sundays, until 8pm on Saturdays, and after 5pm Monday through Thursday. 

The Goodyear parking lot (red, approx. 15 spaces):

Located on Carroll Street, the lot is between the Goodyear Service Center building and the alleyway that connects to our main parking lot. This lot can be used when the Goodyear business is closed (all day Sunday, and Monday through Saturday after 6:00pm).

The Chemung Canal parking lot (green, approx. 28 spaces):

Located at 129 Court Street, across from Centenary Street. This is a privately owned lot; some parking spaces are available to us when the regular “business” customers are not at work — weekends and federal holidays. The gate between our parking lots is only opened when we are permitted to use the lot. If the gate is not open, do not park here or you will be towed. Inquire at the church to find out which parking spaces are available to us.

Other “Off-site” Parking Options (see map below)

Parking lots:

MetroCenter (paid parking)

Broome County Library (free; available Sunday only)

US Post Office (available after hours, and on Sundays and holidays)

NYSEG Stadium (not available when there is an event at the stadium)

On-street parking (metered):

Chenango Street

Carroll Street

Henry Street

Centenary Street

Pine Street

Parking meters are in use on all of these streets. Note that parking is enforced only between 8am and 6pm on weekdays (when City Hall is open), and is not enforced on weekends or holidays. There is a short list of “parking holidays” on the parking meters, but parking is not enforced on federal holidays either since City Hall is closed.

Sunday Worship @ 10:00 am

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