Whuti-Sgroboe Evangelical Presbyterian Church

We are blessed to have a mission relationship with Whuti-Sgroboe E.P. Church (in the South Volta region of Ghana) through our member and their son, Dr. Elikem Nyamuame. Elikem’s father, Frederick Kwadzo Nyamuame, was the pastor there for many years, retiring after the church’s 100th anniversary celebration in October 2016.

The church runs the only elementary school in the region, and we took a special offering, collecting $2,675 that made it possible for Whuti-Sgroboe to purchase, desks, chairs, and school supplies for their students. We were able to buy books for an entire class of students for their whole elementary education. The desks we bought mean that none of the children will have to sit on the floors anymore.

Our gifts made it possible for the school and the church to use money that would otherwise have been spent on supplies to paint the school building and put in flooring on the ground level.

Members of our congregation also donated musical instruments such as trumpets and clarinets to help the youth enhance their musical skills and provide pleasing and spirit-filled worship during church services.

Missionary Carolyn Cummings in Kenya

Carolyn has been serving with Africa Inland Mission in Kenya for almost 28 years. She started out as a Bible school teacher, then became the Children’s Ministry Facilitator for the Mission. She is now an administrator in the office that covers Kenya and Tanzania. She takes care of the office administration, contingency planning, project administration, and unit leadership for the missionaries working in Eastern Kenya. On weekends, she has a Bible club for teenage boys from a large slum area in Nairobi.

The latest news from Carolyn (August 2, 2017):

Dear Friends,

I have been very pampered the last 3 weeks by two lovely ladies from Taiwan who are visiting Kenya on a short-term mission and are staying with me while visiting with one of our outreach teams. Every evening when I have come home, I’ve been greeted by amazing scents wafting from my kitchen (mainly of garlic and ginger… yum!). Bonnie and Faith have taken very good care of me these weeks, and I’ve so enjoyed finding out how great REAL Chinese food is!

(Top: Bonnie and Faith making dumplings in my kitchen. Bottom: The finished product, ready for the pot. I actually helped stuff and pinch them.)

After tomorrow, the girls will move on and I will be back to fending for myself (pasta again, how boring).

Next week on August 8 there will be elections in Kenya. Please pray that the voting will go smoothly and there will be peace when the winner is announced. It’s been a bit dicey in the run-up to the voting, and the head guy of the IT team running the electronic voting system was murdered this past weekend. Don’t know why, and the electoral commission says his loss won’t hurt anything (except his poor family), but there is a lot of tension. I am on the contingency team that has to make decisions on how to keep our people safe. What a responsibility! But I know that with so many prayers going upwards for us, we will get through this coming week. I may be out of contact because if things get bad, the network and cell towers will be shut down. But WhatsApp still works, and I’m sure the networks will be brought back quickly.

Thanks for lifting this request up. I will let you know how things go.

Peace, Carolyn

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