Whuti-Sgroboe Evangelical Presbyterian Church

We are blessed to have a mission relationship with Whuti-Sgroboe E.P. Church (in the South Volta region of Ghana) through our member and their son, Dr. Elikem Nyamuame. Elikem’s father, Frederick Kwadzo Nyamuame, was the pastor there for many years, retiring after the church’s 100th anniversary celebration in October 2016.

The church runs the only elementary school in the region, and we took a special offering, collecting $2,675 that made it possible for Whuti-Sgroboe to purchase desks, chairs, and school supplies for their students. We were able to buy books for an entire class of students for their whole elementary education. The desks we bought mean that none of the children will have to sit on the floors anymore.

Our gifts made it possible for the school and the church to use money that would otherwise have been spent on supplies to paint the school building and put in flooring on the ground level.

Members of our congregation also donated musical instruments such as trumpets and clarinets to help the youth enhance their musical skills and provide pleasing and spirit-filled worship during church services.

Missionary Carolyn Cummings in Kenya

Carolyn has been serving with Africa Inland Mission in Kenya for 29 years. She started out as a Bible school teacher, then became the Children’s Ministry Facilitator for the Mission. She is now an administrator in the office that covers Kenya and Tanzania, providing office administration, contingency planning, project administration, and unit leadership for the missionaries working in Eastern Kenya. On weekends, she has a Bible club for teenage boys from a large slum area in Nairobi. (Pictured: Carolyn and the boys on a camping trip at Lake Naivasha in Kenya.)

The latest news from Carolyn (June 1, 2018):

Dear Friends,

Today is Madaraka Day in Kenya, one of our two independence days — yes, Kenya was very happy to stop being a colony of Britain. (Pictured:  Kids in the library listening to the President’s Independence Day speech.)

It was a welcome day away from the office and I spent most of it with the soccer team in Kibera. I watched them play football, checked on the library and then visited several homes to meet parents and pray with them. I was stretched using my Kiswahili, which was good except for the time I told a father he had a very good daughter, referring to his son! After that I stuck to the generic word for “youth” which is used for both genders.

I ended the day’s celebrations with some colleagues eating at… an Ethiopian restaurant! Sorry Kenya, but Ethiopian food is better. And more colorful.

Pictured, left to right: Caro Football team (yellow jerseys) in action.

Sitting with one of the mothers in her shop where she makes and sells samosas and chapatis.

Praying with a boy and his mother.

Yummy and pretty Ethiopian food.

I trust you all had a nice Memorial Day. Next year I’m planning to be home for the 4th of July (my birthday) for the first time since 1993! I’m looking forward to seeing fireworks over the Charles River again.

Please continue to pray for my work in the office and my unit leadership of the missionaries at the coast. We all have our challenges, but people are hearing the Word and being encouraged by our ministries.

Thanks for praying,


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