The Lord’s Prayer

paraphrased by the Lake Street Kids, Evanston, IL

Dear God, You remind us of all the best things we know. You are our parent, our sibling, our friend. You are an artist, a healer, a provider. You are love and you are a mystery. 

Help us to create a world that is like heaven, where things are fair and everyone is safe and happy. We want to do that now, not wait until after we die.

Give us our daily lasagne; everything we need, but not too much. We don’t want to be greedy.

Teach us to forgive by forgiving us when we make mistakes. Help us to be generous and not hold grudges.

When we are tempted to do the easiest thing instead of the most loving thing, help us to be brave enough to choose the most loving way. Protect our bodies, minds, and spirits.