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Spiritual formation is the activity of the Holy Spirit which molds our lives into the likeness of Jesus Christ. This likeness is one of deep intimacy with God and genuine compassion for all of creation. The Spirit works not only in the lives of individuals but also in the church, shaping it into the Body of Christ. We cooperate with this work of the Spirit through certain practices that make us more open and responsive to the Spirit's touch, disciplines such as sabbath keeping, works of compassion and justice, discernment, worship, hospitality, spiritual friendships, and contemplative silence.

Office of Spiritual Formation, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Why Adult Education?

Spiritual formation is a lifelong process. At UPC, we offer several ways that you can continue to study the Bible, learn what it means for us today, connect with God and with other people on the journey, and develop your spiritual gifts to do God’s work in this world.

Adult Education Opportunities

September 2019–May 2020

To learn more about the book studies and film discussions being offered this year, click on the photo or title below.

  • Intergenerational Sunday School Class

    Sundays, 11:15am–12pm in the Library Lounge

    Our Intergenerational Sunday School is held during coffee hour in the Library Lounge. There are several stations, which rotate monthly. The stations incorporate all the scripture lessons for the month, and everyone can interact with them as they feel moved. You can do one a week, you can do several if you miss a week, or you can do the same one for several weeks if it is meaningful to you. Some stations are geared for all ages, some more for adults, and some more for children, but definitely something for everybody!

  • Book Studies

    Mondays, 6:15–7:30pm in the Library Lounge

    Three-session book studies beginning in January, March, and April

    Read, then join us for one of our three-week book studies. We’ll discuss topics such as mercy, hospitality, compassion, and ways that the modern church is changing. Copies of the books are available for pickup from the church office. Donations to offset the cost of the books are welcome, but not required. We hope to see you there!

  • Film Discussions

    Sundays, March 1–29, 12–2:30pm in the Library Lounge

    Join us for fellowship and conversation around an assortment of interesting topics. After worship we will gather for a light lunch, then we’ll watch a movie and engage in some lively discussion. No previous knowledge necessary, all are welcome.

  • Introductory Bible Study

    Mondays, 12–1pm in the Library Lounge

    We choose a specific book of the Bible and then do “deep reading” of that book, verse by verse, over the course of several weeks. We are reading to learn what we missed in Sunday school and what gets lost in preaching — to understand the Bible as the story of God’s people and their relationship to God and the world. We don’t always find answers, but we always learn from the text and from each other! You’re welcome to bring your own lunch. Come and see — it would be good to have you with us.

         We are open to starting a second Bible study at another time. If you’re interested, let us know!

  • Passage Meditation guided by Judy Westcott

    Sundays, May 10–31, 12:00pm in the Library Lounge

    “Be still and know….” —Psalm 46:10


    Church services with inspiring sermons, music, and community prayer. Committee work, programs including book discussion groups, movies with discussion, going to stage productions which inspire and educate, community action: Community Meal, Care and Share, Christmas projects, and more…

         All of these parts of our life as a congregation involve thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, interaction with others.

         So what does “Be still” mean to you?

         This spring, we will explore the practice of Meditation. There are many forms of meditation, but the basic premise is to still the mind. In that stillness one can hear one’s inner voice. That inner voice is God, Love, Divine Self.

         Eknath Easwaren offers one definition: “Teaching attention to flow without a break toward a single inspirational focus within the mind until finally the mind becomes completely absorbed and all distracting thoughts disappear.”

         More details of this exploration will be forthcoming.

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