Grow Your Faith

Spiritual formation is the activity of the Holy Spirit which molds our lives into the likeness of Jesus Christ. This likeness is one of deep intimacy with God and genuine compassion for all of creation. The Spirit works not only in the lives of individuals but also in the church, shaping it into the Body of Christ. We cooperate with this work of the Spirit through certain practices that make us more open and responsive to the Spirit's touch, disciplines such as sabbath keeping, works of compassion and justice, discernment, worship, hospitality, spiritual friendships, and contemplative silence.

Office of Spiritual Formation, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Star Words: A spiritual practice for Epiphany

We invite everyone to participate in our Star Words activity — a tradition that many congregations engage in at Epiphany to help us to pay attention to what God might be revealing. Let this word be a guiding word for the year. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it every day, and get into a habit of asking yourself and God what can be learned from it. Let your Star Word help you find a greater connection with God this coming year.

Click here to be redirected to a random Star Words generator provided to us courtesy of the RevGals Facebook group that Pastors Kimberly and Becky are both a part of.

Why Adult Education?

Spiritual formation is a lifelong process. At UPC, we offer several ways that you can continue to study the Bible, learn what it means for us today, connect with God and with other people on the journey, and develop your spiritual gifts to do God’s work in this world.