Jail Ministry

We partner with the Broome County Council of Churches (BC3), Justice and Unity for the Southern Tier (JUST), and the Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT, a branch of Citizen Action of New York) to support their jail ministries, which serve men and women in jail, those released, and their families.

        So often, people make poor choices which can lead them down roads that fracture their lives as well as the lives of those around them. In many cases, these decisions can result in loss of freedom, health, family, and dignity. The cost is staggering in far more ways than simply in terms of money. The potential and worth of human beings can often be clouded, although they are still in fact people created in the image of God. This image may be tarnished or fractured, but the pieces may still be able to be put back together and polished.


It is the hope of the BC3 Jail Ministry that opportunities and help can be provided to restore people back into a right relationship with God, themselves, their loved ones and their community. BC3’s Jail Ministry team is comprised of two full-time staff persons and nearly 100 volunteers who minister to both the needs of those who are incarcerated or recently released, and their families. The Coordinating Chaplain oversees weekly worship services and classes for the entire jail population as well as pastoral care for both the inmates and staff. A skilled team of volunteers carries out a great deal of the daily programs, religious services and visitation. Reentry services are provided at the BC3 office.

        There are a variety of ways you can contribute to this ministry. Donations can be dropped at the BC3 office: 3 Otseningo Street, Binghamton, NY 13903 (phone: 607-724-9130). For further information, contact Chaplain Cris Mogenson at bcjchaplain@gmail.com.

  • Anonymously send books and magazines to individuals incarcerated in the Broome County Jail. This project, spearheaded by the Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT), seeks to help meet the massive demand for books, magazines, and literature in the BC Jail.

            Books must be shipped directly to the inmates from Amazon. Inmates have requested a variety of books, including novels, non-puzzle books (crosswords, mahjong, etc), and poetry. Try to send things that are compelling and entertaining. Jail can be incredibly boring. PLOT is working to coordinate specific requests from inmates at a later date.

            To register for this program, click to link to the Google Form. This program is anonymous and inmates will not receive the name and/or address of any contributors.

  • The Family Literacy program enables inmates to read and record books which are sent to their children. The BC3 Jail Ministry always needs new or gently used paperback children’s books, blank CD-Rs, and manila envelopes.

  • Paperback Bibles

    The BC3 Jail Ministry provides bibles to the inmates that they serve. New or gently used paperback bibles of any popular version are always needed. Contact Chaplain Cris if you would like to donate.

Walk With Me

A peer-advocacy program for people reentering the community after incarceration

Walk With Me, a program from the Family Enrichment Network and Justice and Unity for the Southern Tier (JUST), assists people returning to the community from the Broome County Jail. People reentering must quickly acclimate to life outside, but are often given little guidance and fewer resources.

        Walk With Me’s trained reentry coordinator guides returners through their individualized reentry process. This means offering basics like transportation, clothing, and personal hygiene products, and assistance navigating the maze of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Importantly, Walk With Me provides supportive advice and empathy from someone who’s been through the complex chaos of post-incarceration life.

        The program confronts the harms of incarceration by offering choices, providing support, and combating systemic injustice with community action and resources. When those in power neglect community problems, we must step up.

        One way to help is to donate household items for program participants such as bed sheets, bed frames (including bunk-beds and futons), bath towels, pots and pans, cooking utensils, flatware, plates and bowls, new men’s underwear and t-shirts, winter wear, and bicycles. Contact Andy Pragacz (ajrpragacz@gmail.com or 651 - 747 - 6316) for more information.

        If you know someone currently incarcerated in the Broome County Jail who might benefit from Walk With Me contact Rozann Greco, Re-Entry Specialist, at 607 - 723 - 8313 ext. 1675 or email rgreco@familyenrichment.org.

        Visit justicest.com to keep updated with Walk With Me and JUST and learn more ways to become members of a supportive community combating injustice.